Middle East and North Africa

Vital Voices Global Partnership is committed to working with emerging women leaders from throughout the Middle East and North Africa to provide them with the resources and network they need to safeguard human rights, pursue economic empowerment, promote a vibrant civil society and increase women’s political participation.

The Middle East and North Africa today stand at the brink of considerable opportunity. From record economic growth to renewed hope for peace, stability and democratic reform, women, especially young women, hold the keys to progress in the region.

We promote women’s empowerment in the region through a variety of programs that build the capacity, network and leadership skills of women business leaders; create public-private partnerships of corporations, individuals, governments and civil society organizations to enhance women’s political progress; and provide mentoring opportunities to empower emerging women leaders across the region.

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Ready for Growth: Solutions to Increase Access to Finance for Women-Owned Business in the Middle East and North Africa.

Middle East and North Africa Programs