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VV GROW | Fellowship

VV GROW | Fellowship

The Vital Voices GROW Fellowship is a highly competitive one-year accelerator program for women owners of small- and medium-sized businesses. The program includes customized business skills training, technical assistance, leadership development, and access to networks to grow their business and increase their leadership impact. Through global and regional online and in-person interventions, fellows focus on strategy and long-term business value paired with action-oriented plans. They amplify their role as leaders in their businesses and their communities to ultimately create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth and produce wider social benefits.

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Meet 2015-2016 fellows

Adriana Caballero Galvan is the CEO and founder of Metagraphos, a Mexican user experience design firm that creates digital solutions that help organizations from all sectors improve productivity and access to training.

Ana Laura González Ortiz is the CEO of Levadura, a company in Mexico that promotes business development by strengthening brands through digital marketing.

Anna Hosbein de Aliaga is the owner and manager of AHA Bolivia, a company that works with female artisans who produce knit and plastic products for high end clients in the USA, Europe, Latin America, and Australia.  

Barbara Oliveira is the executive director of Ecosynergy, a Brazilian consultancy agency offering facilitation and mediation services for multi-stakeholder collaboration and intra-organizational development and learning.

Blanca José Hernández Cruz is the owner and creative designer for Boheme Atelier, a design and manufacturing company in Nicaragua that produces leather goods and ladies footwear.

Caroline Moncur is the managing director of 3Connect Bahamas, a company offering world class software engineering and business consulting services at an affordable price to a blue chip client base.

Claudia Esparza Patiño is the general manager of Nanas & Amas, an employment agency based in Peru that helps families find trusted domestic workers, including nannies, nurses, and housekeepers.

Denese Palmer is the founder and CEO of Southside Distributors Limited, a Jamaican agro-processing business that specializes in the manufacturing of canned foods, condiments, juices, and vegetables that supply the local market.

Elisa Botero González is the CEO of DelCampo, a family business in Colombia that produces and sells organic special vegetables to restaurants, hotels, and homes in various cities throughout Colombia.

Indiana Corrales-Rodríguez is the CEO of InfoPress, a PR agency with offices in Costa Rica and Guatemala specializing in marketing and communications.

Isabelle Laguerre Mevs is the CEO of Stars Industries S.A. (SISA), a food company based in Haiti that manufactures a wide variety of products using local Haitian ingredients.

Josefina Urzaiz is the owner of Hammock Boutique Inc., a company committed to the sustainable development of indigenous Mayans in Mexico through the education and empowerment of young women.

Karin Sempf is the co-founder and general manager of Initia Panama, a consulting firm that offers relocation, real estate, and legal services to companies, families, and individuals moving to Panama.

Lucia Cardozo is the founding partner and accounting manager at Agencia deBroca, an institutional communications agency in Paraguay that works to assist companies and organizations shape and transmit their corporate institutional identity.

Madelon Oddo is the owner and director of Granja Mallorca, her family business in Uruguay that produces aromatic herbs in greenhouses that are sold to the major supermarkets in the local community.

Meggie Salgado is the CEO of Casa Manzano, a Mexican boutique restaurant that also hosts events, provides catering services, and sells a line of food products.

María Belén Montaldo is the founder of Lean Experience and a partner at HLTNetwork, which are companies based in Argentina that help other companies become more efficient and improve their operation processes.

Marie Gabrielle Aurel is an investor and executive secretary at SAPENSA, a privately-owned Haitian companies that conducts various poultry-production operations throughout northern Haiti. 

Patricia Castellanos de Muñoz is the director and audiologist at CEDAF, a private practice clinic in Guatemala that provides a variety of audiological services, including diagnostic tests, hearing aid dispensing, and speech therapy.

Romina Laura Gleria is the owner and CEO of Boutique du Sens, a company that sells more than 160 locally produced home products including designer soaps, lotions, perfumes, and teas throughout Argentina.

Rowena Coe is the managing director of Marketing Strategy Limited, a Jamaican marketing research consultancy aimed at helping companies better understand the markets for their products and services.




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