Policy Dialogue on Healthy Women, Healthy Economies

Speaking in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Ambassador Melanne Verveer mentions Vital Voices' upcoming women's leadership program in Vanuatu this August:

"During Secretary Clinton’s trip here and to Australia and New Zealand, she and her counterparts announced additional new support. The U.S. and Australia will collaborate with the World Bank to co-host a policy dialogue in Australia on effective means to combat gender-based violence and promote women’s empowerment in the South Pacific in Canberra in November. In February, the New Zealand government hosted a policy dialogue and, as a result, New Zealand has agreed to support Vital Voices to conduct a leadership training to strengthen women’s political participation and empowerment. It will take place in Vanuatu in August. We hope that some of you will join as mentors."

Read the Ambassador's remarks.

Other Activities for this Program