In Tougher Times, More Saudi Women Drive for Social Change

The Christian Science Monitor

Women in Saudi Arabia are a key to bringing in a new cultural perspective of women in the MENA.  

Due to economic changes in Saudi Arabia, people are beginning to see the difference in the role women have to play as they are becoming the breadwinners and bringing in a second income for their families. As the price of oil continues to rise, women are now beginning to be viewed as the “new male figure.”

One of the things prohibiting these different actions towards change in society is “split society,” meaning that society and its people have a different view on what the future looks like for women. Because of the visibility of women in Saudi Arabia, people are continuing to obtain a new perspective and get ride of their negative connotation of gender mixing. The more presence women have in different jobs and obtain an education, the more they are interacting within different segments in society and making their presence visible. 

Women in Saudi Arabia are becoming leaders within their own society and predominately within the working class. In order for society to move forward, boundaries will have to pushed in order for women to reside in a new place.