Pink Brigade Fights for Women's Rights in India's Rural Heartland

Women in the World

"Through collective effort, women in Uttar Pradesh will be able to make a difference in thier community."

Sampat Pal leads her community as the national commander for Gulabi Gang, by forming an all female brigade a decade ago to fight for the dignity and rights of women in the rural heartland of Uttar Pradesh. Today  Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India with over 200 million people, but has a steep patriarchy, extreme poverty, low levels of literacy and high crime rates.

Pal continues to leader her community, while other women are also involved in leadership like Pushpa Singh, the convener of the meeting with all of the women in the villages. Singh’s objective in this new project is to try to resolve the problems faced by women in the gang. The most important tool that women can use in order to fight for justice is having the support of other women in the community. The women of Gulabi Gang begin to help others with police follow ups and any necessary paperwork in order to take defense against local goons. A few important strategies that these women have been using to fight for justice is by first getting together collectively, then approaching the other party involved, talking to the administration and if that doesn’t work, these women are not afraid to take on leiths for self defense, bamboo batons.

 Pal began to make a difference starting with her own life, learning how to read and write. After, she began to form a support base and many other women began to follow her. This led to discussions on women’s rights and more so the change in her community and impact on the world.