How Women's Equality Will Make the World Trillions of Dollars

How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth

A new McKinsey Global Institute report finds that $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality. And in a “full potential” scenario in which women play an identical role in labor markets to that of men, as much as $28 trillion, or 26 percent, could be added to global annual GDP by 2025. MGI reported. 

MGI has mapped 15 gender-equality indicators for 95 countries and the indicators fall into four categories: equality in work, essential services and enablers of economic opportunity, legal protection and political voice, and physical security and autonomy.

As well as addressing specific areas of importance, MGI has outlined 75 potentials means for employing intervention in order to bridge the gender gap, of those there are six types: financial incentives and support; technology and infrastructure; the creation of economic opportunity; capability building; advocacy and shaping attitudes; and laws, policies, and regulations.