Celebrating Women Leaders in Urban Slums

The Daily Star

“I believe that unity among women can turn all challenges into opportunities.”

Khadija Begum is being celebrated as one of the women leaders in the urban slums in Gopalganj Pourashava. Begum is beginning to focus on key challenges in the community such as eliminating violence against women and preventing early marriages.  she has been a part of the Women’s Development Committee and seeks to bring new leaders to Bangladesh.

Through the Urban Partnership for Poverty Reduction program, Begum is able to continue to gain leadership skills. The program was able to give her the opportunity to speak and be heard and, most importantly, have the skills and confidence to do more for her community. Through the opportunity to do more, she decided to run for elections and be a part of the shaping of her community to reach prosperity.

Before, Begum did not have a platform for her voice to be heard but now because of her hard work and dedication, numerous organizations like UNDP, in partnership with the local government division and UKAid in Bangladesh have been working to support women like Begum. What women in Bangladesh need is the opportunity to make a difference, with this they can rise above all challenges and through that they are able to make long lasting impacts on families and communities in Bangladesh.