The Oil Crisis Makes a Compelling Case for Women's Equality in Saudi Arabia

The Guardian

There is nothing more powerful than giving your daughter the opportunities that you once fought for.

Today Saudi Arabia ranks 20th out of 22 for women’s rights in the Arab States and 130th out of 142 countries measured in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report. The biggest issue here is male guardianship of women, which means that women need their male guardians to marry, travel, leave the country and enroll in education. 

Although women are struggling every day, change is inevitable and it has already begun. Women who are going through these harsh rules of guardianship are finding ways to communicate with each other via social networks. Although women are still barred from mainstream cultural establishments, they are no longer silent.

Mohammad, manager of a major global management consultancy spoke on his daughter and the fact that he wants her to be internationally successful, to be able to do what she wants and to have people respect her. Because of his panel, people, especially men are being more inclined to be open to address the issue of women’s rights and their importance to the future of their economy.