How We Do It

The Vital Voices Model

It starts with a leader

She may be well-established, or she may be just starting on her path. She could be an  entrepreneur, a human rights advocate, or a parliamentarian. She recognizes a problem in her community and commits to solving it. She takes risks, she struggles, but she keeps working at it.

Vital Voices invests in leaders

We meet this leader and observe how she’s dedicated to making her community and country a better place to live and work in. Then we invest in her. Through training and mentoring we offer new skills and knowledge to help her succeed. We introduce her to women leaders in similar fields, and to international networks where she can learn from others and share new ideas. She feels supported, knowing she’s not alone.

Women leaders are multipliers

In more than 18 years of working with women leaders we’ve discovered something remarkable: women leaders are multipliers. They take their new expertise and access to information and networks, and 'pay it forward' to the next wave of women leaders. This powerful ripple effect triggers new progress toward greater political participation, economic empowerment and human rights.

Vital Voices shines a spotlight on women leaders

By raising the visibility of these women, the issues they work on and their achievements, we create a more enabling environment for sustaining their progress. We do this by telling their stories, through high-profile events, public education and outreach, and in partnerships with government, business and civil society.

WATCH: It Starts with a Leader