Open Forum: Gender — Getting to Equal

The World Bank's annual Open Forum will discuss Gender Equality this year, focusing on "ways to overcome the multiple forms of inequality that females face around the globe, including persistent high rates of child and maternal mortality, lack of education and denied economic opportunities." 

world bank open forum

There are three ways to participate: 

1. Submit ideas and vote about "ways to get equal" and overcome gender equality, starting August 22. 

2. Join the 24-hour chat beginning September 20 at 12 p.m. ET, hosted by a variety of activists, entrepreneurs and academics. 

3. Watch the webcast or attend the live panel, where the most popular ideas will be debated at the World Bank's headquarters in Washington.

Help us spread the word: 

  • Write a blog post or news story about the gender equality and the Open Forum
  • Send an email to your colleagues, community, network, and friends
  • Use some of the language below on Twitter

It’s time to #thinkEQUAL for women and girls. Share your ideas, join the Open Forum Sept 20-21. via @worldbank

It’s 2011. Do men and women have equal rights? It's time to #thinkEQUAL - join the Open Forum! via @worldbank

What does EQUAL mean to you? Submit your ideas via @worldbank

Do you #thinkEQUAL for women and girls? Share your ideas! via @worldbank

Women make up the majority of unpaid workers in the world.  It’s time to #thinkEQUAL via @worldbank

It’s 2011. And only 15% of the world’s landowners are women. It’s time to #thinkEQUAL via @worldbank

Globally 358,000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth in 2008. It’s time to #thinkEQUAL via @worldbank

Only 19% of parliamentarians in the world are women. It’s time to #thinkEQUAL via @worldbank


Visit the World Bank's website for more information and stay to informed via email. 

Mar 11