CANCELED DUE TO SNOW: 21st Century Solutions to Combating Violence Against Women

  Vital Voices invites you to join a discussion on

21st Century Solutions
to Combating Violence Against Women 

Featuring women from the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network

Panmela Castro Sohini Chakraborty Marianne Ibrahim Chouchou Namegabe

Moderated by

Cindy Dyer
Vice President, Human Rights
Vital Voices 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Canceled Due to Snow

Vital Voices will host a conversation with extraordinary women leaders who are advancing innovative solutions to combat violence against women, including using radio, social media, dance and graffiti art. Join us during International Women's Week for this important and timely discussion with global leaders who are on the vanguard, pioneering breakthrough methods to address the enduring human rights issue of gender-based violence.
Mar 11