Voces Vitales Argentina

Background and Leadership

Voces Vitales Argentina was launched in 2009 by María Gabriela Hoch, Clarisa Eseiza, and Laura Busnelli, alumnae of the FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Program and the 2008 Vital Voices Summit of the Americas. Ileana Frauman, Chapter Coordinator, supports the chapter's operations.

Since its launch, Voces Vitales Argentina has positioned itself as one of the country’s leading women’s organizations, establishing partnerships with the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), the Argentine Forum for Executive Women (FAME), and Apertura, the leading business magazine in Argentina.

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Programs and Events

Argentina Mentoring Walk, 2010


  • Apertura magazine published “27 Líderes de mañana,” an in-depth profile of the 27 participants of the chapter’s mentoring program. Read the article.
  • The chapter also collaborated with Vital Voices and the Avon Foundation to stage SEVEN (SIETE) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The play was directed by renowned Argentinean director Teresa Constantini.
  • Read co-founder Clarisa Eseiza's blog post (Spanish) about SIETE, or read the press release (Spanish). 
  • Read chapter member Mariela Ghenadenik's blog post about her experience as a mentee in the 2010 Mentoring Walk in Argentina.