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November 18, 2016

As we wrap up the in-person training portion of the VV GROW Fellowship, we are so honored to be able to provide such a life changing experience for women business owners around the globe. As one fellow wrote, “I’m surrounded by women that are a source of inspiration, guidance, love, knowledge, and experience. And what is more amazing is that I can call them my sisters.” Read More


June 22, 2016

Join us in congratulating the amazing group of 61 women entrepreneurs who make up the 2015-2016 cohort of the VV GROW Fellowship for completing the program and graduating on June 1st, 2016! In partnership with the ExxonMobil Foundation, the founding global partner of the VV GROW Fellowship, Vital Voices supports growing women owned small and medium businesses by providing business skills training, individualized technical support and access to networks. Read More


October 02, 2015   /  By Malini Patel, Vice President, Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Sixty-four VV GROW fellows are preparing to head to Mexico City, Dubai, or Cape Town for a four day business growth training. Read More


January 22, 2015   /  By Mariela Ioszpe, Co-founder and COO of Educatina

We sat down with 2014 VV GROW fellow Mariela Ioszpe, Co-founder and COO of Educatina, to talk about what the economic crisis in Argentina means for her business. Read More


November 06, 2014   /  By Olabisi Talabi, 2014 VV GROW Fellow

Meet Olabisi Talabi, Managing Director of Landmark Foods Ltd, Nigeria, and a 2014 VV GROW Fellow. Read More


October 27, 2014   /  By Anam Raheem, Vital Voices MENA Program Coordinator

After four months of rigorous virtual training, the 23 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) women business owners of the 2014-2015 VV GROW Fellowship cohort gathered in Amman, Jordan.  Read More


October 22, 2014   /  By Terri-Ann Brown-Palmer, 2014 VV GROW Fellow,

VV GROW in-person training market a turning point in my life, both personally and professionally.  Read More


October 03, 2014   /  By Florence Navarro, Director Economic Empowerment

Starting next week, women entrepreneurs and business owners around the globe will leave their families and work obligations behind for week-long trainings in Tanzania, Argentina and Jordan.  Read More


August 14, 2014

Our innovative, year-long VV GROW fellowship goes beyond just business training to support women leaders who are ready to grow their business. Read More


March 21, 2014   /  By Milagro Lopez Sanabria

VV GROW fellow Milagro Lopez Sanabria discusses her experience being mentored and leading her first Global Mentoring Walk in Salta, Argentina.  Read More



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