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March 18, 2014   /  By Cindy Dyer, VP of Human Rights

Sabeen is the first recipient of assistance from the Gender-Based Violence Emergency Response and Protection Initiative, a new project that the U.S. Department of State, Avon Foundation for Women, and Vital Voices Global Partnership are launching today at a Washington, D.C. summit. Read More


December 07, 2013

Vital Voices partners with Gucci's CHIME FOR CHANGE global campaign to raise awareness and funds for girls' and women's empowerment; a winning team for their San Francisco hackathon develops an app for Vital Voices to share inspiring stories of female leadership.  Read More


August 06, 2012   /  By Allyson A.

See how one teenager helps girls her age to feel empowered and confident.  Read More


May 08, 2012   /  By Sandra Taylor

For the first time ever, the need to increase women’s access to financial services has been recognized by the G20 Finance Ministers.  Read More


March 20, 2012   /  By Alyse Nelson

This year, we joined with advocates and leaders to recognize women’s international progress towards equality, prosperity and peace.  Read More


October 05, 2011   /  By Alyse Nelson

This week, Alyse visited California for the 13th annual Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, which brought together some of the most influential women in the corporate world, along with thought leaders, dignitaries and international advocates. Read More


October 09, 2010   /  By Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby

Under an impossibly beautiful Tuscan sun, the La Pietra Coalition to Advance Women and the World has convened today in Florence, Italy, to begin work on the Breakthrough Initiative, our core activity to expand women’s empowerment and economic opportunity around the world. Read More



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